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Marrakech is the perfect place to celebrate your wedding if you wish to step out of the ordinary.

At a reasonably priced three hour flight from London, you will transport yourselves and your guests into an exotic paradise with guaranteed blue skies. You will also enjoy the fact that it is substantially cheaper than planning a similar wedding in the UK or Europe!

Dar Jaguar is a sumptuously romantic and wonderfully intimate riad to celebrate your wedding day. As the partner business to The State of Grace in London, which specializes in couture and bridal-wear design and styling, we know a thing or two about weddings…

We will be able to connect you with the best talent in Marrakech including florists, caterers, beauticians, hairdressers, celebrants, photographers, videographers and more.

Legal registry weddings are not yet possible in Morocco so we would be arranging your blessing and reception here in Marrakech.

You would have the whole of Dar Jaguar to yourself for the weekend (or longer) of your wedding and typically this would house your closest family and friends (ten in total.) Other members of the party would stay at partnering riads nearby, so that everyone is within easy access of the celebrations.

The wedding ceremony or blessing would take place either in the courtyard by the fountain or on the roof terrace overlooking the medina or in The State of Grace, The Royal Suite, as would your drinks reception, the wedding reception and other entertainment we would organize and style for you.

For further details regarding your Marrakech Wedding Or Renewal of Vows at Dar Jaguar, please do not hesitate to contact us here.

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