Yoga and Specialist Retreats

new_yogaWhen your life is moving at 100mph, there’s nothing more valuable than taking some time out to re-charge.

Dar Jaguar, Marrakech is the perfect venue for hosting some of the most luxurious and relaxing Yoga and Well Being retreats to help you unwind.

Practice mindful Yoga within the ancient walls that are over a metre thick so all sounds of the bustling medina are shut out as you enter a space of beauty and peace. Enjoy your meals on the sun-drenched terrace that look over the medina and cool off for the evening by dipping into the plunge pool.

Heighten your experience further with massage, healthful and exotic cooking lessons, hiking and bathing.


You can hire Dar Jaguar exclusively with four members of staff including a personal cook from as little as £65 per person per night, based on ten people sharing.

It’s the perfect getaway for sunseekers and unwinders, as well as being a unique location for treasured celebrations.

Email us now at to find out more about the opulent accommodation, the candlelit dinners, exotic excursions, amazing bars and restaurants, relaxing massages and all the wonderful activities and amenities during Marrakech’s warm days and balmy nights . . . just some of the 1001 ingredients of the unforgettable Dar Jaguar Experiences.

For further details regarding your Marrakech Hen Weekend at Dar Jaguar, please do not hesitate to contact us here.

Dar Jaguar is available to private yoga teachers and for well-being and special interest retreats. Please contact us if you would like to discuss this further.

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